Howdy folks!

Welcome to South Texas Arms - West Texas' new premier hunting rifle manufacturer.  We are not new to Texas obviously, but West Texas is our new home.  You're probably thinking, 'why South Texas Arms in West Texas'? -- well, that's got more to do with the Federal government than anything else.  But our roots are in South Texas, where our targets are YUGE, and our tools some of the best around. Still the same great focus on quality and precision, just with a new home.


Our Roots

As the name implies, we started focusing our energy while living and working in South Texas. Our passion has always been predator control and pig pest control.  After a while, however, our skills were being used by guides on some of the most premier hunting facilities in the region.  And the rest is history: now serving the entire country with some of the finest tools made in Texas. Purpose driving rifles, pistols, and consulting services. 

What we Strive for:

All of our weapons systems come with an accuracy and precision guarantee.  Capable tools that can achieve 1MOA precision using factory ammunition, and most definitely capable of Sub-MOA with handloading.  Gas guns are indeed capable of this achievement.  And we will provide you with a product that will produce these capabilities, or your money back.



USA Made - Texas Proud

Whether it's one of our standard lines, or a custom option, each system is hand assembled, individually inspected, with USA/Canadian Parts. No Chinese garbage here.


Texans love their State, and with that comes our community. We have partnered with various non-profits and other organizations in our community to be sure that our State is the greatest place to live.

Manufacturer Direct

We do not use distributors (at the moment). So have your dealer reach out directly for purchasing local.  Or contact us for purchasing direct, and we will send to your FFL for pick up and transfer. All federal laws applicable

Our Flagships

Over the years, we have crafted our product line based upon the varying "custom" builds that we put together.  The same type of products kept coming back time after time.  So we decided to offer them in a standard set up ready to roll right out of the box, saving you time, money, and frustrations trying to get parts shipped to you and put together before getting in the field.  Whether it's home defense/personal security, hunting pigs/big game, or 3-gun, we've got you a set up that will fit about 85% of your needs immediately.


Apex Line

Milspec+ | HD | Predator


Our Promise

While there are plenty of "builders" out there for you to choose from, manufacturers and builders alike seek to provide a quality product to their customers that will never have any concerns or issues.  We strive to bring this type of product to you.  However, we know that some times, ammunition is junk, environmental issues come to the surface, or, the unfortunate happens. 

We promise that if a part that we manufacturer, assembled, or painted fails, we will replace it.  When we send it to you from our hands, we guarantee that it will work each time it's used.  If for some reason it fails to work as it left our facility, send it back to us (on our dime), and we will make it right