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The High Plains premier firearm manufacturer. Home Defense, Duty/Patrol, or Hunting/Sporting Purposes.

We Do not stop at mil-spec!TM

Although our focus is hunting, competition shooting and sport, we do not stop at the bare minimum, which has generally been “mil-spec” – or lowest cost factoring. We will find the proper solution every time within the confines of the customer’s demands. This could mean we maximize a build of a weapon to match your budget, or fine tune a solution to your end goals and target capabilities.


Our roots can be traced down to the plains of South Texas where we focused on providing a quality tool for some of the best hunting guides on some of the most managed properties in T


Whether you are looking to get into competition shooting or have been for a while already, our weapon systems have you covered. We have the solutions for you for PRS or multi-gun competition.

Consumer direct

Options available for local pick up, or shipping direct to your licensed dealer. We do not ship to NY, CT, CA, WA, or MA. If there’s any other states that do not permit Semi-Auto rifles modeled after Eugene Stoner’s AR-15, we will be unable to oblige.