Who we are:

South Texas Arms (STA) originated in South Bexar County while the owners were serving in their day jobs in the Eagle Ford Shale region of Texas.  As with all hobbies, they tend to grow rapidly, and STA quickly moved into the city limits of San Antonio.

After several years working diligently to bring about a brand that the locals knew as the best little gunshop around, we had to refocus back on manufacturing and a lot of that had to do with the market in general.  This was right after Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton went toe to toe in the election cycle.  Inventories dried up, and then COVID killed our ability to buy ammunition.

Why West Texas but keep the name?

We opted to move back to the home of our founder's roots and refocus our energy back in hunting and in so doing, the only way to make a change was by location; if we changed names, we would need to start over.  We didn't feel necessary to change brands or cease name recognition over the past 10 years, so we felt that the name change was not necessary.  Lots of deer genetics we see in South Texas deer are similar to some of the most wholesome of deer populations in West Texas and off the Edwards Plateau region, so we figured in like kind, we have the same bones just different homes.  Besides, location only means one thing: Better reach to our customer niche (hunters and trappers).  We still have the same goals in mind, and we most definitely haven't changed any of our quality measures.

Here's to the next 10+ years serving the folks that have brought us to this point we are today.  It only gets better from here.