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We spent a decade fine tuning through custom building rifles for customers to come to offer a few ready-built systems for our customers. We’ve separated them for you based upon their most common usage. These are not obviously the only thing for which they’re developed. It’s simply what we found most often from folks that were looking to build one from scratch.


Apex comes in the standard Milspec+, the heavy use “HD”, pistol caliber carbine version “HD PCC”, and ApexHunter series of rifles.


Living in Texas, the Pigstick was the honestly the most common variation of custom rifle we had to offer for many years. Lightweight rifle set up for the purpose of using night vision or thermal optics at night, and affixed with a suppressor on the muzzle.

Trophy Series

If you like large frame rifles, or shooting something based off the .308 WIN cartridge, the Trophy Series was developed to accommodate you.