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PD22 Builds (Rifles or Pistols)


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Offering to you a full build in case you do not want to wait on backlogs from vendors like Brownells, Volquartsen, or Tactical Solutions.


We’ve sourced from the highest quality vendors of aftermarket parts for the 10/22, and desire to get into your hands a fully American/Texan made 10/22 clone, without you overspending on buying and customizing your own.

Options for builds are as follows:

  1.  Backyard Pest Control – This is our take on the OEM Ruger 10/22.  Magpul MOE X-22 stock, or you can opt for a wood stock too… just let us know.  Ruger BX-2 Trigger with auto bolt release.  Let us know if you desire it to be Charger style (Pistol), or Rifle style.
  2. Pasture Predator – Our idea of workhorse varmint control device. Bolt will include a pinned firing pin for consistent ignition and is radiused and polished for improved cycling. Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock. Carbon Fiber or Lightweight Fluted  Barrel from Beyer, trigger components from Kidd Innovative.
  3. PRS – Our premier build for either competition in NRL22 or PRS22 Open.  Utilizing Chassis systems from either KRG, Sharps, or other sources, bull barrel, CMC Curved trigger with extended magazine release or Timney Curved trigger.


Build Choice

Backyard Pest Control – Rifle, Backyard Pest Control – Charger, Pasture Predator, PRS


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