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Sticker Pack/Raffle Tickets


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Sticker Packages with raffle Tickets.

$25.00 per package, but only one sticker pack per order.  You can order multiple raffle tickets, but no more than 1 sticker package per order. Each sticker pack will come with 3 stickers: STA Logo, Apex Hunter and Pig Stick logos.


Example: You want 5 tickets, order 5 tickets, at 25.00 per ticket, and you get ONE sticker package.  A week later you want more tickets, you get ONE sticker package, and however many tickets you want to order. Simple?  Yes sirree!!

All the sales of these tickets goes to defray costs associated with Airfare, rental car, and hotel at nationals for Upper Level competition for a local young athlete and his mother.  We are donating all time, CC expenses, and postage associated with this raffle.


What are you entering a chance for?  A custom, one-off Ultimate PD22 22lr rifle.
– PD 22 Receiver, custom painted by Amyntor Tactical in KG Gunkote
– Kinetic Research Group Bravo Chassis in Crimson
– Summit Precision Black/Red carbon fiber .22lr barrel
– Kidd Innovative small parts, bolt and charging handle
– Extended Magazine release
– Volquartsen Trigger and Hammer

Combo Packages

1 Ticket, 5 Tickets, 10 Tickets


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